We are excited to have you visit Physique 57 Westport. In preparation for visiting our studio, please read our policies and protocols to ensure our community stays safe and healthy.

Cleaning and Disinfecting 

•We will be disinfecting all surfaces before and after every class including the barre, weights, playground balls, mats, studio floor, door handles, bathroom surfaces and front desk.

•We will allow at least 30 minutes between each class to allow for our staff to disinfect the studio and equipment prior to the next scheduled class.

Staff Procedures – Temperature Checks / Personal Hygiene / Masks and Gloves

•All staff members will have their temperature checked before entering the studio. Any staff member with a temperature over 99.5 degrees will not be allowed to enter the studio.

•All staff members will be required to thoroughly wash their hands according to CDC guidelines immediately upon entering the studio.

•All front desk staff members will be required to wear face-masks and gloves at all times.

Customer Procedures – Masks and Gloves

•Customers will be required to wear face-masks upon entry to the studio.

•We also kindly request that you wear gloves upon entry into the studio, but these are not a requirement.

Booking & Check-In Procedures

•Classes will be limited to 8 students per class to allow for the required 6 ft distance between customers. 

•All class bookings must be made at least 30 minutes before the class start time either through Mindbody online, the app, or via phone. Walk-ins will not be permitted. 

•We ask that customers arrive 15 minutes before class to form a line outside the studio; maintain 6 ft of distance between other customers. 

•Contactless check in – Download the Mindbody app. Once you are outside of the studio you will be able to remotely check in via the app. 

•You will be invited into the lobby one-by-one by the front desk staff and assigned a designated barre spot. Post check-in you will go directly to your spot in the studio. 

•The locker room and lockers will not be accessible until further notice. Please bring limited items into the studios. We ask that you kindly leave your cell phone and other items at home on in your car before entering the studio.

The Barre Studio

•Classes will be limited to 8 people per class. Upon entry you will be assigned a spot at the barre. Please go immediately to your designated barre spot; we kindly ask that you do not request a new spot. 

•Upon entry to the studio, all equipment and weights will be at your assigned barre spot. Should you require other weights, please request them from the instructor, do not take weights from the weight bin. 

•Leave all equipment at your barre spot, do not return items. The staff will disinfect each item before the next class arrives. 

•Until further notice, instructors will suspend all hands-on adjustments. All requested adjustments will be done verbally. 

•After class, please wait for the teacher to dismiss each spot. Post dismissal we request you leave the studio immediately. Let the teacher know if you’d like to shop in the retail area and you will be dismissed last.

Cancellation / Late Policy

 •Due to the limited number of barre spots available, the 12 hour cancellation policy will be strictly enforced. If you are not feeling well, have a cough or any COVID-19 symptoms after the cancellation period has ended, please call the studio as soon as possible. We ask for the safety of our staff and customers that you do not come into the studio. Anyone exhibiting symptoms upon arriving at the studio will not be admitted into the studio. 

We will not be able to admit anyone into the studio who has not arrived within 5 minutes BEFORE the start of class to ensure our front desk can safely check each person in prior to the start of class. THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES TO THE STUDIO. Note: This deviates from our regular policy of being allowed into class up to 10 minutes after the class start time. Please allow for extra time coming to the studio to allow time for our staff to check you in before the start of class safely. 

Studio Amenities  

•Towels will be not be available. Please bring your own towel for use. 

•Hand Sanitizer and wipes will be available inside and outside the studio, as well as is the bathroom. 

•Our Locker Room will be closed until further notice. Hallway Lockers will not be accessible. We ask that you kindly only bring keys and water bottles into the studio and leave all other items at home or in your car. 

•Bathrooms – We kindly ask that you wait inside the studio until a bathroom is unoccupied before you enter the bathroom hallway waiting area. •

Water Refill Station will be available for use. In addition, water will still be available for purchase at the front desk. We ask that you make sure your Mindbody account has a valid credit card on file before coming to class to allow for a contact-less water purchase at the front desk. 

Retail Area

•One person at a time will be allowed in the retail area AFTER CLASS. Should more than one customer wish to shop retail, a socially distant line will form in the hallway. We ask that you try to minimize touching the retail. 

NO try-ons will be permitted. You will have 14 days from date of purchase to return any unused items. 

•We ask that you make sure your Mindbody account has a valid credit card on file before coming to class to allow for a contact-less purchase at the front desk. 

In-Studio Group Class Alternatives 

 •While we are ready to welcome everyone back into the studio, we recognize that some may not yet feel comfortable doing so. Physique 57 Westport will be offering several alternatives to get that in-studio experience without attending our reduced size group classes. 

•Private or Semi-Private Offerings – email Westport@physique57.com for pricing and time options for private or semi-private options for groups of 2-3. 

•Virtual Live Online Classes –  Check out our schedule for Live Online classes you can take at home. Equipment needed – hand weights (cans, bottles or wine bottles are great substitutes), playground ball (or firm cushion), and a barre (or sturdy chair). 

•Need Equipment? - Email Westport@physique57.com if you would like to purchase weights or playground balls.